If you are thinking of making a profession in Gems & Jewelery Business or planning of shifting to exciting new opportunities, we welcome you to Pangemtech. We at Pangemtech offer you uncomplicated ways of understanding the science of Gemology through our courses. Courses can be taken by individuals that do not have science background. Don’t be just a graduate, be a professional!

Our Courses

Duration : 120 Hours

Prerequisites : 10th Pass

Curriculum of the Course
  • About Instruments used in Gem Lab.
  • With the help of Physical and Optical Properties, how to Identify.
  • Precious Stones.
  • Semi-Precious Stones.
  • Rare and Valuable Gemstoness.
  • Sight Identification Stones.
Course Details

The first step in learning about gems is its categorization. The next step is to learn the terminology of gemstones with their physical and optical properties, and how those properties are used to identify gems. After getting the background one can proceed into gem identification.

Why Basic Gemology?

The Basic Gemology gives an entry for suitable candidates to step inside the Gem market with knowledge of identification of gemstones and market trends. Basic Gemology is an apt course for those who would like to kick-start their careers in the Gem and Jewelery Industry. Proper knowledge of gemstones with learning certain terminologies can give a better confidence to convince customers. Certain tips and tricks taught here can help identification of gemstones faster and one can be far from being cheated.

Duration : 120 Hours

Prerequisites : Basic Gemology Certificate

Curriculum of the Course
  • Crystallography and Identification of Rough stones.
  • Treatments done on Gemstones.
  • Synthetic Gemstones.
  • Organic Gemstones.
  • Identify Origin of certain Precious Gemstones.
  • Gemstone Market Scenario.
Course Details

The Advance Gemology course throws light upon the science of crystallization in gem materials. Due to which, the candidate can learn more important facts about mining & identification of rough gem materials and processes of synthetic and treatments of gemstones. Finally, the candidate learns about how to identify origin of gemstones in depth and market structure and market scenarios.

Why Advance Gemology?

With just the knowledge of identification of gemstones is not adequate to be competitive in market. This is because introduction of synthetics and treatments in gemstones has made life even more critical. New and advanced techniques used in synthetics and treatments are making identification challenging. Trends in market for trade change with the advancement of technology. Hence it is essential to be up-to-date in knowledge of Gem Industry.

Duration : 80 Hours

Prerequisites : 10th Pass

Curriculum of the Course
  • Diamond Identification.
  • Diamond Grading.
  • Carat. (Weight)
  • Clarity.
  • Color.
  • Cut.
  • Diamond Stimulants.
  • Diamond Mining and Crystallography.
  • Diamond Manufacturing.
  • Diamond Synthetics and Treatments.
Course Details

The Diamond Grading course will help candidates to learn the tips and tricks of how to separate diamonds from its stimulants and further how to grade diamonds according to the grading system with respect to the 4Cs.

  1. Colour.
  2. Clarity.
  3. Cut.
  4. Carat.
Why Diamond Grading Course?

The Diamond, unlike the other gemstones, has an internationally acclaimed grading system which gives the appropriate value to itself. Pricing is done in accordance to the grading system and that’s why not all diamonds have the same value. Hence to have a better profitability it is essential to have apt knowledge about how to grade diamonds.